American Football – NFL

There are three basic NFL bets. In North America, these bets are called money line, handicap, and point total markets. Most bookmakers, including Pinnacle, offer a market of two victory options to the result of the match, the equivalent of a 1X2 football market but without the draw.
The 1X2 victory market is popular because it is simple. You just have to bet that one of the two teams wins the game.
The only thing to check is what policy is adopted in the unlikely event of a tie. In Pinnacle, any bet of two victory options is reimbursed when a match ends in a draw in the regulation time. Although the match will actually go to overtime to decide the winner, standard bets apply to the regulation time unless otherwise specified.
The handicap market is the most popular way to bet in the NFL in North America, and it is the standard benchmark to check relative odds in a game. As it happens in all sports, the teams that face in the NFL do not have the same talent. To effectively counteract the perceived difference in capabilities, betting houses offer a handicap in order to achieve a level playing field.
Using a fictitious example, we can explain how the bet to a handicap works. Both teams have odds associated with positive or negative points, for example, the Indianapolis Colts are offered at -6,909 against the New York Giants at 6 2,020.
A bet in favor of Indianapolis would win if the Colts win by six or more points and, similarly, a bet in favor of New York would win if the Giants won the game or if they lost by less than six points.
Assuming the result was 29-17 for the Colts, bettors who bet on a Colts victory -6 1,909 would have won since the point difference was 12. Six more than the handicap of points offered.

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