Baseball Information

1-Handicap and the leagues
Usually the American League matches are more explosive and with more races on the scoreboard, meaning they tend to accumulate a good share of races. I make a lot of bets, in such games, more than 7.5 races accumulated, which is something safe and that most of the time it enters. It is also in LA that most of the blowouts happen, that is, victories by a large margin of difference. With more dynamic attacks, in the regular season it is not worth much going after a deficit of five races or more when a certain team gets so behind on the scoreboard.
2) Colorado Rockies Factor
There is a team in the league that is very peculiar and is called Colorado Rockies. They play at Denver altitude, that is, the air is thin and the ball runs much faster than normal. With that, the home team can exploit this advantage very well in their favor and send many balls behind the wall and also take a lot.
3) Use of statistics
This is another very important factor in knowing how to bet on baseball games, the use of statistics can tell a lot about a particular team or team. To begin with, do not be fooled by the small samples. In the first month of the season, always an attack or defense player will post that do not match their reality. Something like Scherzer with ERA of 8.80 after two games or Emilio Bonifacio with 64% at-bat after a week usually happens and we cannot get too excited about it. Of course, if it loads for a long time and begins to draw attention it goes into that category of “moment”, but if it is a small sample, it is better to be cautious. And even in those situations, there are statistics that set us to illustrate this scenario well and to be clever about it.

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