Bet Boxing – How do you bet on this sport?

Bet boxing is a practice that has been carried out for a long time. Now, it is taking a lot of strength in the world of online betting. Although it is a sport that has been betting for a long time, doubts still arise about how to bet on boxing. In this post we give you the keys.
Bet Boxing – How to make the best bet?
Boxing competitions are divided into different things: weights, titles, rounds, countries, etc. Of all these, the most common bets are to bet on the different weight options in the different federations.
If we focus on country bets, the United States takes the cake. In the American country the main battles of the heavyweights are disputed and, in addition, there are the champions of this sport in recent years. British boxing has started to gain strength.
What are the most common boxing bets?
As a general rule anyone who wants to bet boxing usually choose the option of winner of the fight. Here, it is very difficult to be the possibility of a tie. Quotas always distinguish the favorite from the other fighter. Win the boxer who leaves KO to his opponent. We understand KO when a fighter cannot stand up after a blow for a specified period of time after falling. A technical KO (also known as TKO) occurs when the referee decides that a boxer cannot continue the fight even if he has not fallen during it.
Another option is to bet on the number of rounds that will be during the fight in which you want to bet. Boxing always has a maximum and a minimum of rounds. As a general rule they are usually between three and nine rounds.
You can also bet on the method with which the boxer wins the tournament. It can be by KO, by points, by disqualification, by KO, TKO or DQ.

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