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Horse competitions are one of the pillars of sports betting on the Internet and there are many users who opted to bet on them given the large amounts of money they move. But, if we talk about racing, we cannot forget the Formula 1 or Moto GP, and that is that the world of the motor has broken into the betting force. We tell you a series of tricks and tips that will help you make good decisions!
Betting In The Horse Racing
Despite not having the popularity of football or tennis, the truth is that horse racing bets have a strong tradition in the United Kingdom, France, and the United States. As in other sports, several factors influence the equine world, in addition to chance. It is true that luck plays an important role, but it is essential to have a high knowledge about this sport: knowing the history, the background and the current time of both the horse and the jockey are points to consider. In addition, there are a number of points that despite appearing insignificant can be decisive in the final result, such as the state of the track, the distance to travel, the weight of each animal, which street will run or a change in equipment. As you see, the list of influential factors is extensive.
There are several options to bet on a horse race, but two are the most used: bets on winner and bets on placed. They are similar but not the same. In the first case we must guess the winning horse of the competition, while in the second it is enough to guess if our horse is second, third or even fourth (depends on the number of participants) Allows a greater margin but obviously, the quota will be lower.
A bet that only some houses allow is the twin that is, betting on the horses that will finish in the first two positions in the correct order. It is very difficult to guess and therefore the quota is higher.