How to bet on cricket

Cricket betting is not only a fantastic way to add excitement to any tournament, but the opportunity to make a profit. With numerous markets to bet on, keep reading to learn how to bet on cricket.
How to bet on Cricket
There are many ways to bet on cricket with Pinnacle Sports. Bettors have a fantastic opportunity to bet on different markets with a variety of different betting formats like:
1 × 2 Cricket Bets:
1 × 2 markets are the most common and the simplest market for a player to understand the cost of a bet. 1 × 2 cricket bettors are simply betting on which team will win the game.
Cricket Futures Bets:
Pinnacle Sports offers a large number of future cricket betting opportunities. Take a flat punt on a computer before the coin toss and wait to see if your bet brings a benefit. The future odds of cricket betting are offered in the two individual matches and winners of the tournament / series.
Cricket Proposition Bets:
Pinnacle Sports offer cricket proposition of bets throughout the cricket season. Bet on both team and player propositions, as well as game accessories at the ICC World Cup, one-day international and test matches.
Cricket guide betting
Cricket is a year-round sport, and there are plenty of monthly betting cricket opportunities. Pinnacle Sports offer cricket betting for the most popular national and international competitions and series, including:
ICC Cricket World Cup Betting
Betting Cricket have the opportunity to bet on both the One-Day and Twenty20 World Cups at Pinnacle Sports.
ICC Test Betting Matches
Bets on the cricket Test Match is increasingly popular, as it is the longest format of the game, with many possible permutations that affect the outcome of the five-day contest.
ICC One-Day International Betting
There are also plenty of betting opportunities in the shortest formats of international cricket. With 50-over and the Twenty20 series accompanying each tour these short formats offer huge interest bets.
IPL Betting
The attractiveness of the Indian Premier League, which attracts the best players in the world, also offers opportunities for bettors to bet on cricket. The tournament has proved to be a great success among fans and with enthusiastic bets alike.

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