If there is a competition paid to surprises

Copa Del Rey
If there is a competition paid to surprises and excitement that is the so-called KO tournament. And his most popular nickname is not due, precisely, to a mere random issue. Bets on the Copa del Rey soccer usually reflect the reality of an unpredictable championship, in which the favorites almost always win. But … Woe to those who stay on the road!
Betting on the Copa del Rey is, therefore, very fun. But it is also difficult and, to some extent, stressful. How to get it right? What are the differences with other types of football bets, such as the bets of the League or the Champions League? There are, of course. And to reveal them, and analyze the most important keys to be successful with the Copa del Rey bets, we are here.
Copa Del Rey Betting and Predictions: how to get it right
The first thing we have to keep in mind with the bets on the Copa del Rey winner is that it is a qualifying tournament from the beginning. This, especially when we are reaching the last rounds, is absolutely key. It allows us to classify a bit what kind of matches we are going to encounter at each moment, depending on the teams and their characteristics.
And if we bet on the return matches of those qualifiers, that ability to predict even a possible or possible exact score is even greater. It is still complicated, of course, but given that there was already a determined result in the first leg, we know which markers both contestants need to overcome or not the elimination.
But knowing what kind of matches we can find in each of the two encounters of a Copa del Rey crossing does not only serve to determine a result of an exact score. It is also very useful to try to limit a possible number of total goals, both for one or the other team, development of the match itself or even deepen in more complex markets, such as cards and corners.

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