Legal Betting Age

The concept of legal betting age has become an important issue in the global betting market in the last years. But, we will start with the background of betting industry in the world. The industrial transformation experienced mostly in sports since the beginning of the 1990’s, especially football, has made the sport a true show-business. Naturally, the sport, which has evolved from being an idle time event where leisure time is being assessed or where the body is being financed, quickly becomes an economy, has naturally increased its own income. So much so that the annual income generated by the sports economy all over the world can be raised by 500 billion dollars when the external effects are taken into consideration. Almost two-thirds of this income comes from a football. In this context, we can easily say that sporting organizations are now transformed into eco-sport organizations. In terms of turning the advantages of globalization into money, television and digital broadcast platforms, the most important tool of the new sports economy, broadcast live sports events and make it possible to create new sources of income for four billion people. and on the other hand, it enabled the growth and growth of different economies that were spore-fed. Here is one of the biggest of these economies as the “betting economy”. We are talking about an economy, an economy that weakens the immune system of sports, though its main dynamics are sports.

Age Limits     

Betting is subject to a certain age limit around the world. At least one age limit has been set in every country you go to where you are going to the world. There is no place to play a bet near everyone, and some people may even have to use public transport to deposit coupons. Thanks to the internet, people have the privilege of betting at home whenever they want. Normally, people under the age of 18 cannot play bets. The age of betting on the internet is also the same for people 18 and over.

No legal requirement for a person under 18 to participate in betting sites on foreign betting sites is prohibited. This information is provided in the membership conditions of all the sites. It can be detected whether you are subscribed to your own information or forged information, and you can not withdraw money even if you earn money. Most foreign betting sites require pre-release documentation from their members. In these documents, you also send a picture of your identity card. Any money found to be under the age of 18 after the inspection is closed in the accounts of the persons identified.

Worldwide, the age of play has been determined legally in all countries. Sites that place bets on the internet are subject to the supervision of certain commissions. None but the fake sites can arbitrarily bet. Alternatively, different methods can be used for those who are not old enough to bet. If there are those who think that I want to play betting on the internet, they can use it by opening a common account with their acquaintances and relatives.

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