Live Betting Rules and Strategies

A live betting is a type of bet played before or during the match. Live betting odds can vary by matches. In general, the rules in normal sports betting are also valid for live betting. In this article we will share information about live betting rules and strategies.

Live Betting Rules

  • The betting company is not responsible for spelling and personal mistakes that may occur in live bets.
  • Information such as minutes, goals, cards, corners, numbers given with live betting are for information purposes only.
  • If there is an incorrect result in the live betting coupon, the result is corrected and the earnings are recounted.
  • If problems caused by score errors affect the odds, such bets are cancelled. In addition, the money you invest for cancelled betting will be refunded.
  • The bets which you place a certain option will be canceled and the odds will be 1.00.
  • You are responsible for checking the bets you place. It is not possible to cancel bets on coupons that a match started in live betting. 
  • You can’t play same bets repetitively. Also, if you derive a profit above limit in different bet types, those bets are cancelled. In this case, the limits stated before for the sports branches you bet will be valid. 
  • You can’t play the same bets with more than one account at the betting site. If such a situation is found, only the money you earned with an account is paid and the other bets are cancelled.
  • In all live bets, the amount of investment and earnings can be limited.
  • In matches played in the live betting program, there may be interruptions due to data loss. If the connection problem is resolved in such cases, the bets will be valid again or cancelled completely. 
  • If there are any doubts about the results of some of the options in live betting, the result of betting can be waited until the exact information comes from the federation or organization. 

Live Betting Strategy

Since betting sites serve online nowadays, they offer many different types of betting to their members. The most popular of these types of betting are live betting. You can watch football, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, tennis or boxing matches and bet. Well, what are the live betting strategies?

You should make a quick decision when you bet because your time is short. There are details about live betting advice on many websites. You should act wisely when you decide and pay attention to it in the live betting coupon. If you want to place live betting and earn money, we also recommend you that watch the match live. For example, when watching a soccer game you can sometimes feel when the goal will be. You can also predict other results that are likely to occur. Live betting strategies may vary by each sport branch. In individual sports such as tennis, you can bet by taking into account the ranking of tennis players, their injuries and the duration of their previous matches. As a result, you should be careful and place live betting by taking every detail into consideration.

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