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1xBet # Good-Looking Face of Gambling

Today, with the increase in the competitive factor, it is natural that there are various disagreements about which is the best legit gambling site. Every year, a new one is added to the foreign stakeholders who want to share in the profit share distributed in such a big sector.

With rising of the technological developments, people’s expectations have also increased in view, trustworthiness, and velocity. Maybe it can be the best site that I have ever seen in visually, looking perfect interface for the people kind of loyal experiment. Just looking at the site, you can see a lot of tabs.

I impressed with live chat section and the favorite matches – were selected with players generality- odds in the first windows. The complexity of site brings also simplicity. Because there is no extra option for doing something everything is under control on one page. With the almost half million online users, it can be most rated gambling site all over the globe.

1xBet is the Most Common Gambling Site in the USA(by far)

Before my our review I mentioned that there is a lot of scam site. But with the licensing gambling group, 1xBet can beat their competitors. According to Alexa analysis, despite the slow uploading the site, the visitors highly increased in last three months. https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/1xbet.com

With 4,549 Global Rank, even we do not see the count of customers, we can expect how many people following them. High odds, luxury poker rooms, hundreds of games, promotions, daily offers such as “The Matches of the Day” charms people getting an account.

What’s Good
Welcome Bonuses

1xBet bonuses are very convenient and have flexible features for gamblers, and it includes 15 sections such as sports, casino, poker, games, slot, bingo and so on. The bonuses are paid automatically to the customer account after approval of deposit. But there is one thing to get cash out is to clear the 1xBet welcome bonus.

Getting bonus is so easy, first, you need to register the site, second make a deposit and voila you will get almost 100£ bonus. After getting bonus players to start with the wagering requirements need to be met. Each customer is entitled to only one welcome bonus during the registration. And also to the active bonus, only £1 deposit requires.

Greater Payout System

The plurality of the payment or cash out system is the irreplaceable thing for the gamblers who want to see money in their pocket, instead of saving money as like me. So every gambling site has own transaction system to send your money, some of them have a few options, some of them offers the great opportunity for cashing out.

Out of the ordinary, 1xBet has over the 70 banking option that means the players take their money wherever they want with fast transaction process. I also impressed with the usage of bitcoin and litecoin which are used cryptographic money type with anonymous usage, for paying the deposit.

Unlike the other gambling site’s deposit system, 1xBet offers their customers only €1 for customers that are on average 10 times less the other company average and it is also minimum cash out is €2. The currency of the site does not demand commission charges for any transactions.

Customer Service

Players who aim to earn money in a short time via the internet, and want to live excitement of the game is winning while they are enjoying the bets. The main point for continually of the fun, services must keep in touch with their customers. If you have a big gambling company, the first thing to do is interesting for your customers, so you need to expand services to solve the problem.

  • General Queries
  • Security Department
  • Public Relations and Advertising
  • Partnership Questions (Online)
  • Partnership Questions (Betting Shops)
  • FinanceAll of the above were there to solve your problem, but I highly recommend also live chat for you because the fastest answer you can give. Or you can call them whatever question you have, +0212 900 89 64.Software QualityWhat do you expect from a gambling site? What features does it have? All you need to comfort when you play bet. As I told you before loyal seeming or perfect viewing, reachable every point with easy way makes the site is quality.Unlike the other gambling sites, 1xBet offers almost every features in a single page. You can access smartphone application, communication number, payment option, live streaming, live betting, sportsbook, daily offers and more throughout the Home Page. The graphical interface of the games or rooms is applaudable for the players. They are ready to answer and solve their customers’ problem in 24/7 of the year.In the Top Bar, you can find a setting button to personalize your odds’ display, format or you can change version, background and whatever you want to do.Credit Card Deposit FeeMost of the gambling site has own unique tricks to save money even a little bit so they can be hidden eating into hard-earned profits of their customers. On the other hand, customers also want to win the prices which were offered throughout the company.When we play with 1xBet, we see no hidden fees eating our money. In fact, this site does not demand extra charge for your transaction, commission or delaying payment process. With the lowest deposit, it moves ahead of one step from the rivals.Withdrawal FeeAs I mentioned before there is no extra fee or charge. How can you get withdraw from the site? That is the main problem I guess, When you click My Account, you can see some options in

their steam, affiliate program, your achievement, deposit, Withdraw Funds and so on. You can click withdraw and in the left bar appears some options. You can select whichever options you want. That’s it, all you need to do. There is zero commission. After confirmation, you can get a text message including information about the money.

Security and Regulation

Any customer of any site wants to feel safe when they are shopping, marketing. But when we found ourselves in gambling site, we want extra protection for saving money. Most of the gambling site requires much information about yourself in order to protect themselves from any accusation and they are already ready to clean from any acclimation.

1xBet generally focuses on players CIS areas, even though they accept any registration all over the world. Focusing conditions of the player make them very fast because of quick response every requesting of players. I want to warn you, before doing any illegal something about the site. Because for the comfort of the players they have very stick rules.

Live Streaming at 1xBet

Many time, we want to find ourselves in comfort position where we want to watch the favorite event and we cannot find them through the televisions or free internet broadcasting. We want a miracle to watch them to pass out our sadness and frustrated.

When we find as a player of 1xBet which has online gambling site since 2007 and has huge customers web and services about many sports branch. And also totally free, just they ask from you almost $0,15, the only thing is to register and approval, that’s it. You can watch your favorite event both full-screen resolution or minimal screen, all is up to you. When you pay the first time, you can stream live sports events forever.

Casino Games Selection

Rare gambling site offers the good product for their customer’s perfect graphical interface’s games. But most of them move slow but the 1xBet offers charming games. As to following;

Slot Games

  • Atlas
  • Resident
  • Stalker
  • Smithers
  • Vikings Navi
  • Steam Machines
  • Pirate
  • Grand Lisboa
  • Malmo
  • Clermont
  • Revel
  • Venetian
  • Bellagio

• Knockout Football
I can not count how many games they have, but I recommend you, our dear reader, you need

to have a fast computer or laptop to play these slot games.

Bonus Games

You can also play bonus games in order to increase your bonus point

  • 1xSafe
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • 1xMemory
  • 1xLottery
  • 1xChest
  • Daily LotteryAll of them has own promotions which are waiting for you.Jackpot GamesJackpot games have own features to play, there is a time count, you bet a tip and wait until the time is up. Of course, you need to provide its conditions.1xGames1xBet has own unique games to offer more enjoyable time and you can get you to withdraw anytime any games.
  • 21
  • Lucky Wheel
  • World Cup 2018
  • Mazzetti
  • Royal Hi-Lo
  • 1xDice
  • Apple of Fortune
  • 777
  • 1xCards
  • Dragon’s Gold
  • Guess Which Hand
  • Garage
  • Fruit Cocktail.Each of them is full of fun. If you want to play them throughout the mobile phone.

Virtual Sports

I told you this site has the most perfect view to play, they developed their virtual games to customers. In that way, you cannot say this site is not enough for me.

  • Global Bet ( It offers us to virtual races and sports – only aim to reach the highest level and take it all)
  • Golden Race (Play a bet and watch live the streams which one is winner)
  • DST Player Props (Create your own bets and win the price)
  • 1×2 Networker (Perfect blend of real and virtual)Each game has own rules, do not forget to read the terms and rules. In that way you can reach the top and win the whole price.Casino BonusesEven the old-aged gambling sites promote a little bonus in specific places such as table games, slot games, card games or casino games. Generally, a person who wants to play gamble chooses the site which offers many bonuses to for the players.When I have mentioned that the high welcome bonus, you saw the opportunity 1xBet’s promotions about the bonus. Moreover, 1xBet offers their customers many bonus option in every section. For example First Deposit, Lucky Friday, x2 Wednesday Promotion, World Cup Tournament bonuses and so on. Each of them gives you highly profit.As I always said, term and the conditions are so important to winning the high price, when you read it the first time you cannot understand, but you play for the first time, you will see how terms help you to win.What’s BadTo be perfect is almost impossible for the gambling site which aims to offer the best opportunity for the customers. Some players make a negative or bad comment, some of them leave good or positive feedback. They are only about their impression or originated from their own falseness. Let’s see what complaints or rumors have published about 1xBet.
    • Slow page uploading. The site has a very virtualization feature in order to charm you. So their effect of games, fonts and background pictures seem very quality. I guess becoming good is very hard.
    • Some users have complaints about scamming their money, payout problem, and verification of approval documentation.
    • Delaying of approval documentation. In every legit gambling site takes long time process to approve identification. In the end, you do not only exist, we can tell half billion people register this site.When we see the online complaints, we realize most of them about identification problem. I cannot say you have to register this site. But I can say how many opportunities, bonus, withdrawal they have.


The interpretation of what the best site for gambling can be changeable as depends on the experiences and commentaries by the people. Because it is very unlikely that users will change the pleased company. I only review what site has what features that’s it, nothing more.

To sum up 1xBet, I guess, offers the customers visualizations, promotions, bonuses, to win high profits, fast customer services for solving the problem, the wide game section that you can choose what is for you. Being a user of some gambling site, I can give 8 stars from 10.