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It is a US based betting site. It is a site that serves professional and it is long-standing in US betting sector. When you visit the site, you will see that there are a large number of betting sections. There are many different betting sections from horse racing to casino games and sports betting. It is one of the most important features of S​ports Betway​that you can get 7/24 bets and there is always betting at any time of the day. NFL, NBA and much more popular leagues are preparing for you with high ratios on this site. We have already said that they are serving professionally.

The site is actively working 7/24 to help you in full on live betting, live help and other games. Thousands of games are waiting for you on the live bet screen during the day. Among t​he best online betting​sites in the US, and with a rather long history, Sports Betway is one of the oldest sites with the most reliable licenses.


Betway is based in the US and offers professional betting services to its customers. It offers a wide range of different betting styles for people, who love betting. Since USA has a significant place in the world of betting, Betway benefits from it and offers quality services to its customers.

Information about the basis of ​Betway
Infrastructure contractors with which Betway betting company agrees: ​Betway LimitedInformation about Betway License

The Betway betting site is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission in the UK under license number 000-039372-R-319367-010 and licensed by the Malta Games Authority outside Great Britain: MGA / CL1 / 302/2006 (published).

As there are different kinds of bets inside, the players, who enter this site, are definitely betting. It contains as many bets as slot games, sports betting, casino games and current betting. It is very easy to communicate with customer services. Because the people, who are authorized, serve for you 24/7 in this site and your problems will be solved in a short time. It is a site in which thousands of people play bets and have no problems with investments / withdrawals.


Football is not called as the main sport in the United States. Despite this, the ​Betway site​offers higher up bets on football betting. Football in Europe is expressed as soccer in USA. American football is called real football in the United States.

You can find NFL, ice-skating and many American sports in the site. Basketball, football and other sports can be found in both sports betting and live betting. Live casino also allows you to play games that are always accompanied by you, whether you are single player or multi-player.

You can play games that are very popular and played by many favorite betting players such as roulette and poker. You can play these games in online mode with many player modes under the observance of croupiers.

With no tricks and with the help of the croupiers, you can play quickly the casino games in the rooms that you want. You can also get help when you want from croupiers and ask for what you want in technical terms.


Betway​is among the leading sites in this field that serves its customers with a large number of investment options. The payment systems are perfect, because this site has been in the betting market since 2007.

PayPal and credit card payments, which are frequently used in the US, are available on this site. PayPal doesn’t give service in our country. But PayPal is in the first place among the payment systems in the US. It is also a very popular method by credit card investment and you can also use your credit card to withdraw money. One of the important points here is that you can only send and invest in accounts belonging to your own name.

Investment Methods

Credit card, bank transfer, Click2Pay, ClickandBuy, EntroPay, Neteller, PaySafeCard, Skrill (Moneybookers)


Established: 2007
License: Yes ​Betway-​malta-000-039372-R-319367-003


10% Horse Racing Bonus, $ 25 Rugby Bonus, $ 25 American Football Bonus, $ 50 Ice Hockey Bonus, 100% Football Bonus, $ 25 Golf Bonus, Feel The Rush Bonus, Five Card Poker Bonus, 100% Casino Enjoy Point Bonus

Bonus Cycle: Normal ratios and easy cycle conditions are available. Mobile Compatibility: Yes

Investment Options: Credit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafe Card Withdrawal Options: Credit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafe Card Customer Service: 7/24
Is the document necessary: Unwanted


Casino games and live bets are all top-level units. Casino games and live 24/7 games are available. In the casino section you will find the newest and highest quality games. At the Casino you can find bets online or as a single player at any time of the day. You can play roulette or poker all by yourself. If you want, you can also experience the thrill of making money by struggling bettors like you in multiplayer modes.

• Roulette • Blackjack

• Live Casino •Tables
• Slots
• Retro slots • Jackpots

• Video Poker
• Other
• Forbidden Throne (Microgaming) • Six Acrobats (Microgaming)

• Sugar Parade (Microgaming)
• Tarzan (Microgaming)
• Lucky Leprechaun (Microgaming)

Let’s talk about some of these things in the live bet. In fact we are talking about the most active and most preferred field of the site. Thousands of matches are played every day on the live betting screen on the site and you can get these bets as you wish. In live betting, you can find bets for every sport that you think of. You can find many different sports betting from professional leagues to amateur tournaments. You can also find different bets from the private tournament. For example, World Cup, FIBA ​basketball organization will be an example.

The ​Betway site,​which is extremely generous with the rates, sets the highest live rates for you. Although there are similar ratios on different sites, they always try hard to give the highest rates to the live bet.


Perhaps one of the most special services of the site is horse racing. If you ask “why”, we can say so: It gives you a chance to play the races in different parts of the world on a single site. In this site you can play the races from the countries that you want.

You can also bet on competitions in different countries at any time of the day and watch them live on the site.

You can play horse races that occur in USA or in different countries. It is licensed so you will have no problems. You can do this with no additional cost.

The highest rates on horse racing betting are waiting for you. You can learn current running information at any time of day. As you can create combined coupons, you can also take bets on the runs one by one. According to US rates the highest rates are given at ​Betway site.​You can bet even before the start of the run. The fastest and best horse racing bets will be presented to you byBetway​. You will also be involved in enjoying winning with high rates.

Other types of horse racing bets that are not in any other site will also be enjoyable.


Bonus and promotions are very valuable for betting sites. Betway site continues to work intensively in this regard. It is very generous about bonuses. Betway is very generous in this regard, with a large number of different types of bets on the site, which puts bonus rules on individual bets and open high bonuses. It offers different opportunities to the customer with bets that are special to horse races, special for sports bets etc.

• 10% Horse Racing Bonuses,
• $ 25 Rugby Bonuses,
• $ 25 American Football Bonuses,
• $ 50 Ice Hockey Bonuses,
• 100% Football Bonuses,
• $ 25 Golf Bonuses,
• Feel The Rush Bonus,
• Five Card Poker Bonus,
• 100% Casino Enjoy Point Bonus
• Casino Welcome Bonus: Get € 1000 free!
• Make your first investment and get a 100% Match Bonus up to € 250 Free! • Make a second investment and get a 25% Match Bonus up to € 250 Free! • Make a third investment and get a 50% Match Bonus up to € 500 Free!

You can see the bonuses given in 2018 above. To get extremely high bonuses, you need to investment money on the site and fulfill the bonus rules. In order to get a 10 percent horse racing bonus, you need to play a bet according to the rules in horse racing betting. Rugby and American football, which are very popular in America, are waiting for you with high bonus opportunities. Of course the bonuses are not only for sports betting. Casino bonuses are also extremely high, when you invest in the casino field, you will find bonuses that are special for winning and losing in casino games. You can take a look at the bonus system above and take advantage of these bonuses.


Betway organizes​promotions according to special tournaments. In addition, investing over a certain amount of money it provides its customers with extra promotions to earn more. There are special promotions in the World Cup or for different tournaments.

To keep up with current promotions, you can connect live help section at the top of the site. They will definitely give you information on this area with 24/7 live support. In the field of ​bonuses and promotions Betway is constantly working and renewing itself on a monthly basis. It also carries out different promotional activities taking into account with the proposal of its customers. ​Betway ​is a betting site where millions of bettors visit every month, and it is very generous with bonuses. You can visit live help for bonuses too. It is at the top of the field with the promotions and bonuses that are

not only for winning but also for losing. You should follow the site’s homepage for current bonuses and promotions. With bonuses that are renewed every month, Betway address has a quality service.


Licenses and Regulations

Betway Limited is registered by a company, which has C39710 license number in Malta. Registered address is:

Betway Limited

9 Empire Stadium Street,
Gzira, GZR 1300,
Betway L​imited is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license numbers: Casino – LGA / CL1 / 302/2006 (Released: 29th June 2014)

Sports Brands – LGA / CL2 / 396/2007 (Released: 30th April 2012) Poker Bingo – LGA / CL3 / 302/2006 (Released: 29th June 2014)

For residents of Great Britain, Betway Limited is licensed and regulated under the license number UK Gambling Commission: 000-039372-R-319367-005.

Customer Support Checklist:

Live chat
24/7 Support Email support Phone Support


Afghanistan, America Samoa, Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, France, Schleswig-Holstein, Greece, Greenland, Guyana, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Lithuania, Mexico, United States (Bundesland) Myanmar , North Korea, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Syria, Turkey, Uganda, United States, Vanuatu, Virgin Islands, US, Yemen


Live betting: High quality matches and high rates are in live betting. The fact that there are so many sports matches makes the live bet even more enriching.

Investing and withdrawing: It is important to invest with different methods. People who are betting know this importance. That’s why Betway’s site is paying too much attention to it. It is possible to invest more than 10 methods. There are also lots of different methods for withdrawing. In addition, money withdrawals and investments have been concluded in a very short time, so there is definitely a positive sense by bettors.

Having license: It is definitely one of the most important points that it has been serving since 2007. It services as licensed to customers too. A reliable betting site is more important than anything else. That’s why Betway offers a corporate service as well as a professional service. It gives its customers the opportunity to bet on a quality company.

Interfaces and site: The fastest way to visit and bet on the site is one of the most important elements. Thousands of players are betting on the site every day. It is very important to take a bet without slowing down and quickly. Betway pays attention to this situation. Betway has a great service in this field.

Supported languages: As it is a site for bettors to play from different countries, Betway offers a total of over 10 language support. Not just in English, you can find a lot of language support on the site, and you can easily perform your bets.

Professional service: Betway has been serving since 2007 and succeeding to be one of the leading sites in the sector. It provides professional services. Betway is fast and equipped in every sense because it has been in business since its inception. Its customers are very pleasure. It is very important to perform a bet on a trustworthy site, so the customers are interested in this situation. They are professionally serviced by experienced team with fast interface and support.