The semifinals of the Copa del Rey football

Copa del Rey Betting: Semifinals
The semifinals of the Copa del Rey football are here. They face FC Barcelona against Valencia and the surprising Leganés against Sevilla. In principle the favorites to reach the final are Barcelona and Sevilla, but as we saw in the tie of Leganés and Real Madrid, football goes around a lot and everything can happen.

FC Barcelona – Valencia
Barça, for a change, do not have to play the return match in their stadium and this can mean a handicap if the tie is not decided at the Camp Nou. Although Valencia is no longer the beginning of the season, is a serious obstacle to reach the final and if the Valencian are sufficiently motivated can be a fearsome opponent.
I expect a match dominated by Barcelona. The odds favor Barça at all times. 1.22 euros are paid if the match wins, 6.50 if there is a draw and 11.00 euros if Valencia wins at the Camp Nou. We are talking about Bet365 odds.
The quotas for the classification are equally clear. 1.16 if the club goes to the final. 5.00 if the Valencia does.
The bets that we like most for this game are that they will score both and Barça will win, that is paid to 2.10, that both teams will score, that it will be paid at 1.57 and that there will be more than 2.5 goals, which will be paid at 1.25, in order from highest to lowest risk.
Leganés – Seville
The surprising Leganés reaches the semifinals with nothing to lose and wanting to make history. If they could eliminate a lousy Real Madrid, why not dream and do it again against Sevilla?
The odds favor Sevilla, but not as much as one could imagine. 3.60 is paid for the victory of Lega at home, 3.10 if there is a tie, and 2.15 if Sevilla wins at home. It does not seem that the betting houses have a lot of security in what Sevilla can do, that this weekend they were surprised by Getafe at the last moment of the game.
Both options are paid at 1.90, which indicates the uncertainty that exists. I do not expect there will be many goals, but to guess if they will score both seems complicated to me.
Nor do I see the Leganés losing clearly. The Asian handicap market 0.0, +0.5 is at 1,925 for the Leganés.

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