USA Betting Odds and And Betting Sites

USA Betting Odds and And Betting Sites

The betting odds which bettors in different countries don’t have any information is USA Betting Odds. USA Betting Odds is particularly valid for betting sites serving in North American countries. There are plus (+) and minus (-) signs next to the numbers. These numbers, which have a plus sign, indicate how much you will earn from bets.

Minus sign numbers indicate how much you have to deposit to earn a certain amount. For example; here are the odds on the Barcelona – Atletico Madrid match; Barcelona win -212, draw +354 and Atletico win +530. It means: you must bet $212 on Barcelona winning to win a certain amount. You will have $ 354 profit for $100 draw bet and $530 profit for $100 Atletico’s win. The total amount you will earn on $ 10 bets will be like that: if you bet Barcelona win on, you will get $14.70, draw $45.40 and Atletico win $63.  For best betting odds you can prefer best soccer betting sites USA.

Betting Sites USA

Now the most famous match betting sites in USA are and  The features of betting sites in USA are the following;

  • You can use different deposit and withdrawal methods.
  • The betting odds are at good level. You can also place live bets on American sites.
  • The most reliable deposit methods; the cards, such as Western Union and VISA credit cards.
  • There are different betting options on American sites. 
  • There are also American betting sites offering various promotions to their members.
  • There are also types of betting that you can play without investing too much. For example, you can play different bets with virtual games. 

Best Online Betting Sites in USA, which has been serving since 1994, is one of the most famous betting sites in America. The center of this site is in California. The licensed site also has a betting office in San Jose. Another betting site in the same center is  This site has been serving since 1996 and is one of the best online betting sites in the USA.  In addition, serves with licenses from both the UK and Canada.

Legal Betting Sites in USA

  • : The site, which started to serve in 2001, is located in Panama. 
  • The center of the site, which started to serve in 2001, is in San Jose.
  • The site started to serve in 2001 and the center of the site is in San Jose.
  • The center of the site which started to serve in 2000 is in San Jose.

Online Horse Betting Sites in USA

Among the online horse betting sites in America, the most famous is Equibase. You can find detailed results of the races on this site. You may also have information about racing horses on the CHART list. You can also find statistics such as jockey, coach and horse owner on this site. Every hippodrome in America has its own site. These sites generally give a link to the Equibase for detailed information. There are also links that you can watch horse races live. 

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